Sesak yang best

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Rindu, rindu.. rindu... RINDUnyer nak menulis!!!!

Been really busy lately. Kalau x busy pun I wud sleep or go out.
Yups, when you starts working you enter into the so-called "pusingan bodoh" or in english, stupid cycle. ngeheheeeee....

No-lah, I find meanings in my work and motivated to do my work. Coz it is what I dreamt of.
Working to enhance Islamic finance penetration & understanding, while at the same time continuing to develop myself and learn things I never knew before. My workplace offers satisfactory, if not extremely lots till it's hard to grasp all; opportunities for learning.

Planning for tomorrow & sunday:
1. Discussion on shariah matters of an Islamic contract (jadi observer aje... Got to understand 1st, besides they are from different section, but within the same dept)
2. My cousin engagement @ Sg.Buloh
3. Menulis kartu2 jemputan yg masih belum selesai serta mengepos mereka
4. Siapkan hantaran 
5. projek 1 & projek 2 dari ofis (kalau sempat)
6. Bilik pengantin dkt rumah Bangi???
7. Bilik rumah Keramat?? beli katil?

Alamak.. nampaknye dah kena kuarantin, xleh pegi prgm dah sampai la kawen =( 

On the side note, I would like to wish Nabihah a.k.a Bie a very happy birthday, may Allah bless you with the best things for you.