** fuuhhh **(tiup habuk sana & sini)

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Hello?? Any1 here??? hehehe, been more than a yr since I last wrote!!
Even menggagau nak bukak blog balik!! believe it or not..

Hermm my dad knows me real well, masa kecik2 lg dia slalu perli sy hangat2 tahi ayam! Ahaks.
Yeahh, what does that means? That's usually the traits creative ppl have. Am I creative? I didn't say so.. =p
Around a year before we have had tea talk with 1 of the deputy governors, to which he said he reached this position because he was not afraid to try new things & try not to be somewhere too long that he develops a comfort zone. Also, having a drive for excellence is utmost important.

Now, back to myself.. Having a strong desire of excellence is what I need to improve on. I will make a move / big change in a year or two insya-Allah.. But now, focus on achieving goals here 1st!!